We have revolutionised recycling

Fundamentally, we are a waste removal service.

The company name, Bekabee, is derived from the bird that cleans crocodiles’ teeth in a symbiotic relationship which benefits both parties and the environment. This is our company philosophy.

We offer two types of waste removal services.

The first is the environmentally-friendly recycling solution. For this, we build a beautiful recycling and waste
management center on your site, and we employ a full-time staff to separate all waste into the various grades of recyclable material and waste streams. This means that you don’t need to do a thing, while you achieve the highest levels of recycling. All waste is removed from site, leaving you with a waste area that is clean, neat and tidy, as well as aesthetically pleasing. It’s a brilliant, turnkey solution that is tested and proven to work better then any other.

The second service offered is standard waste removal. For this we use skips or flatbed trucks to remove all waste, unsorted, from site.

We prioritise speed, responsiveness, reliability and cost.