The environment is our passion, keeping it clean is what keeps us strong.

If you just saw a bekabee flying through the air, you wouldn’t look twice. It’s only when this little bird gets to work that he’s really impressive; flying into the literal jaws of the beast. The bekabee makes himself comfortable in the mouth of a crocodile and gets away with it. Why? Because the croc knows that, while the bird gets a quick, easy meal from between his teeth, there’s a cleaning process going on. And when you have a mouth the size of a crocodile’s, you don’t want to have to visit the dentist. So the croc benefits, and the bird benefits – a perfectly mutual symbiosis. This is the model on which Bekeabee is built. We bring safe, efficient cleaning to your business, from separating waste to controlling pests and so much more.

Bekabee’s strength lies in a combination of factors. The company is run and managed, on a day-to-day basis, by the owner; a dynamic, energetic and motivated individual, with a flair for innovative problem solving and an unwavering hunger for perfection. A paramount philosophy running through the business is the fundamental requirement of customer satisfaction.



Friendliness, professionalism and responsiveness are corner stones of the Bekabee ethos, as is keeping a dirty game clean, neat and tidy. Each client is extremely important to us and will never be just another figure in the ledger. This means that every effort is made to keep customers fully satisfied.

The environment is our passion, keeping it clean is what keeps us strong. 

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